The MARS Lab is located in the STAR Center in room 1D 203 (see the map). It has more than 200 square meters. The plan on the right side outlines the different areas. 

The MARS Lab is open to host experiments and support students and faculty of other groups of the STAR Center and the whole School of Information Science and Technology. We have, for example, already supported several experiments using the tracking system with other faculty of SIST. 


We have tracking system with 21 cameras (NaturalPoint OptriTrack) to gather the pose and motion of objects in real time installed in the lab. For experimentation we also have a high resolution 3D scanner (Faro Focus 3D X330), mobile laser scanners (two Velodyne HDL-32,  four Velodyne VLP-16, four Hokuyo URG-04LX-UG01, two Hokuyo UST-10 10LX) and other sensors ( Xsens MTI-30, cameras, Asus Xtion Live, three high-resolution omni camera systems Ladybug5+ )for collecting data and equipping our robots and the electric car. 


We have several robots available for teaching and experimentation - some pictures are available on the research page:

Ground robots:

Aerial robots:


The MARS Lab. On the left the area for the tracking system with the mechanical work area in the background. On the right work tables and the electronics workspace in the back. On the right we can also see the Schunk arm and the 5 Clearpath Jackal robots. One of the Jackal robots is opened for modifications - it has many sensors mounted - two Velodyne HDL-32, for example.

SIST Machine Shop
The old SIST Machine Shop in Haike Lu before the move to the new campus.

Teaching Lab and SIST Machine Shop

Additionally to the research lab we are outfitting a robotics lab dedicated to teaching in the first floor of the SIST building. The new SIST machine shop is located in the basement and is currently under construction. The machine shop (metal, wood, electronics) for building devices and robots is shared between all interested SIST labs. The workshop currently features saws, a milling machine, a drill, a laser cutter and a professional 3D printer. We are in the process of purchasing a really good 5-axis (aluminum and steel) CNC milling/ lathe: a DMG DMU50. Also SIST has a Stratasys Objet 260 Connex 3 - one of the best 3D printers available.