Xiangyang Zhi 智向阳

Zhi Xiangyang graduated from School of Automation, Southeast University with a bachelor degree in 2015. He is now a master student at Shanghaitech University since September, 2015. His research interests include Robotics, Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning.


  1. Hand-eye Calibration

   Hand-eye calibration is a well-known calibration problem. The problem assumes that a camera (eye) is rigidly mounted to the gripper (hand) of a robot arm and aims to find out the transformation between them. In this project, I proposed a novel algorithm which combine hand-eye calibration into 3D reconstruction. Experiments indicated this algorithm is very accurate.


  1. Laser-Camera Calibration Toolbox

A offline toolbox, implented with MATLAB, is used to calibrate a 2D or 3D laser scanner and an optical camera.

  1. SolveAXXB

A C++ library to solve equation AX=XB, which is known as been widely used in hand-eye calibration for robotics.