The robotics group at ShanghaiTech is doing research on intelligent functions for mobile robots. One topic Prof. Schwertfeger is particulary interested in is evaluating the quality of maps generated by robots - this work is presented here. He has also worked and published on mapping, object detection and robot autonomy and successfully participated in many robot competitions, both as team member and as judge and organizer.

His various research interests are also reflected by his publications.

A number of research project topics for students interested working in the robotics group are listed here.

Research Interests:

  • Mobile Robotics
  • Mobile Manipulation
  • Map Representation
  • Robot Autonomy and Intelligence
  • Urban Search and Rescue Robotics
  • Mapping and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)
  • Robot Performance Evaluation, especially Map Evaluation

Robot Platforms


TurtleBot with custom rotating light sensor

Schunk LWA4P with a two-finger gripper (without fingers)

Custom build omni-directional robot - very powerful and fast!

Small mobile platforms for research on small (rescue) robots.

Clearpath Jackal robot outfitted with a Velodyne VPL 16 for autonomous navigation (construction in progress).

A Clearpath Jackal robot with lots of sensors (e.g. two Velodyne 32e, 4x 5MP cameras, IMU) for sensor data collection and research on mapping and SLAM.

A Clearpath Husky robot (we have 3), a big outdoor platform. Mounted with long range radio and 2 very precise GPS (2cm, RTK).

One of the two Kinova Jaco arms of the MARS Lab.

BYD e6 all-electric car owned by SIST - in front of the SIST building. The robotics lab will be using it to mount sensors and to potentially also do a project about autonomous driving.

The sensor rig for the smart car. A Velodyne 64, 2 Pointgrey Ladybug 5+ (we actually have 3). Still work in progress.