Qingwen Xu 徐晴雯

In June of 2015, Qingwen graduated from Chien-Shiung Wu Honor College of Southeast University. Her bachelor degree is in Information Technology. Since September of 2015, she is pursuing a master degree at ShanghaiTech University. Her research area is Mobile Robotics and she is interested in robotics and machine learning.


  • 2015.9 - Now: School of Micro-Systems Chinese Academy of Sciences @ ShanghaiTech University; Mobile Robotics Master of expected (2018.6)
  • 2011.8 - 2015.6: Southeast University Information Engineer Bachelor


  • Visual SLAM and Autonomous Navigation on small robot

    This project utilizes the camera of smartphone as external sensors and implement structure from motion(SFM) with several images captured by camera. With the assistance of IMU and odometer to fine-tune the pose of camera, SLAM for the small robot can be done. Afterwards, small robot can do path planning in the local map contributed by SLAM and finally the small robot will get the goal. Finally, we will test the small robot in prior environment to evaluate the accuracy of localization, like NIST standard test and RoboCup Rescue.

  • Comparison and Evaluation of 2D and 3D range sensors

    Compare precision and price among different sensors in different measurement distance such as hokuyo, velodyne, Kinect and Faro scanner.When the measure distance is 2m, 10m, 20m, 70m respectively, record the data from sensors which measure a smooth plane and the incidence angle is 0,30 and 45 degree respectively. In addition, I compare the plane fit error and information about sensors, such as size and price.