Lab 9

Computer Architecture I ShanghaiTech University
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Download the files for Lab 9 first.

Exercise 1: C++ warm up

C++ syntax is very similar to C. Almost every C program can compile under C++ compiler. This exercise helps you walk through basis of compiling a C++ program.

First compile hello.cpp using:

$ g++ -Wall -Wextra hello.cpp -o hello
It is always a good practice to compile C/C++ code with -Wall -Wextra flag.


Show your TA that you are able to compile and run the code.

Exercise 2: Object Oriented Programming

One of the features that distinguishes C++ from C is classes. In this exercise, we are going to write a simple class.


Finish the implementation of class Int in object.cpp, which should have: Show TA your program's output.

Exercise 3: Template Metaprogramming

We can use macro in C to write generic functions. However, macros are very horrible due to its implementation. In C++, we can use templates to solve this problem. In this exercise, you should implement generic functions using templates.


Finish the implementation of mul and max in template.cpp. Show TA your program's result.