Graduate Alumni

Hou Jiawei 侯佳维Thesis: Indoor Topological Representation and Topological Graph-Based Path Planning and Map Matching PDFFuxi lab at NetEase (robotics research lab)Class of 2022
Xu Qingwen 徐晴雯Thesis: Fourier-Mellin Transform: From Image Registration to Robot Vision · PDF: English · ChinesePostDoc at the Lab of Prof. Tong Xiaohua, Tongji University, working on space roboticsClass of 2021
Haofei Kuang 旷皓飞Thesis: Learning Video Representations via Temporal Segment SamplingPhD student at University Bonn, Germany
Lab of Prof. Cyrill Stachniss
Class of 2021
Yijun Yuan 元祎君Thesis: Self-supervised Descriptors and Flipper Planning for Autonomous Rescue RobotsPhD Student at University Wuerzburg, Germany
Lab of Prof. Andreas Nüchter
Class of 2021
Zhenpeng He 何振鹏Thesis: Hierarchical Topometric Representation of 3D Robotic MapsBaidu, Robotics ResearchClass of 2021
Hongyu Chen 陈宏宇Thesis: Advanced Mapping Robot and High-Resolution DatasetAutoX (Autonomous Driving)Class of 2020
Xiaoling Long 龙肖灵Thesis: Omni-directional Camera Orientation Estimation via Sinusoid FittingRoboticPlus (Construction Robotics)Class of 2020
Shan Zeyong 单泽泳Thesis: RGBD-Inertial Trajectory Estimation and Mapping for Ground
Dahua (Robotics)Class of 2019
Zhi Xiangyang 智向阳Thesis: Image-based autonomous exploration and mappingAutoX (Autonomous Driving)Class of 2018
Yu Tianyan 于天彦Thesis: Room Detection and Path Matching for Topological Map Evaluation51 jobsClass of 2016

Bachelor Theses

Bowen Xu 徐博文Thesis: Sensor Synchronizer for Mapping RobotGraduate in MARS LabClass of 2022
 Yizhou WangThesis: osmag: a QGIS plugin to view and edit the Area Graph Class of 2022
 Fang ChenThesis: Robot Motion Planning based on Octomap Indoor 3D Model Class of 2022
 Zian HeThesis: Visual Servoing with YOLOv5 on robots Class of 2022
 Xiao YuThesis: Robot positioning with an external camera Class of 2022
 Jinrui WangThesis: Time Synchronization of Panoramic Cameras with LED arraysWork at Stereye - ShanghaiTech startupClass of 2022
Ruixiang CaoThesis: OmniWheg: An omnidirectional wheel-legDeemos Technolog, a ShanghaiTech startup; later Kyoto UniversityClass of 2022
 Zeyu ZhengThesis: SLAM with a balanced wheel-legged robot Class of 2022
Yinjie Li 李胤杰Thesis: Autonomous Cotton Collection RobotGraduate student MARS LabClass of 2021
Chengqian Li 李承谦Thesis: Campus AutonomyGraduate student MARS LabClass of 2021
Du Jiaying 杜佳颖Thesis: Campus MappingGraduate studies at Fudan UniversityClass of 2021
Chen Haoyun 陈灏云Thesis: Autonomous Robot Navigation on CampusGraduate studies at Duke UniversityClass of 2021
Yao Yuqing 姚宇清Thesis: Point Cloud RegistrationShanghaiTech Startup DGeneClass of 2021
 Guo Yifan 郭逸凡Thesis: Application of mirror reflection in SLAM Class of 2021
 Diao Junyu 刁隽宇Thesis: Underwater 3D Reconstruction Algorithms Class of 2021
 Lu Yiren 陆弈人Thesis: Underwater Scene Parsing via Deep Neural Network Class of 2021
Zhijie Yang 杨之杰Thesis: Super Accuracy MappingResearch Associate in the MARS LabClass of 2020
Yi Yang 杨奕Thesis: Transmission of Correction Data and Estimation of Position Accuracy of dGPSBeijing Municipal Government ITClass of 2020
Zhihao Zhang 张之皓Thesis: Automatic Evaluation of SLAM algorithms - Construction and Evaluation of SLAM Hive PlatformBank of Communications ITClass of 2020
Xiting Zhao 赵希亭Thesis: Reflection Detection of 3D LidarGraduate Student MARS LabClass of 2019
Jianxiong Cai 蔡健雄Thesis: RGB-D Planar Object Detection with Homography-based
Rectification for Mobile Robotics Applications
UPenn Master of Engineering in RoboticsClass of 2019
Song Bai 白嵩Thesis: Robot control and using depth camera for
PhD student at UC RiversideClass of 2019
Ruijian Li 李锐剑Thesis: Locally and Globally Consistent Grid Mapping based on
Improved Octomap
ShanghaiTech SLAM startup StereyeClass of 2019
Yijun Yuan 元祎君Thesis: Topologcial Map Representation using Connected AreasShanghaiTech University MARS Lab/ later PhD Student at University Wuerzburg, Germany
Lab of Prof. Andreas Nüchter
Undergraduate advisee 2018

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Johnson Luo 罗剑文Mapping Robot Class of 2021
Howcher When 万浩川Mapping Robot Class of 2021
Gideon Weng 翁光源Mapping Robot Class of 2021
Zehao Zhao 赵泽浩Mapping Robot and Car Project Class of 2020
Peter Rong 荣宇阳ABB Project Class of 2019
Letong Wang 王乐童Elevator Project Class of 2020
Rochelle Ye 叶晓雅Rescue Robotics Class of 2021

Former Staff

Tian Dong 董添 (Patrick)  2017-2018

Research Associates (Graduated Students Working in the Lab)

Zhijie Yang 杨之杰Mapping Robot Class of 2020
Ziwen Zhuang 庄子文Cotton Project Class of 2020
Xiaotian Fang 方笑天eFMT Class of 2020

Visiting Students

Edoardo Amadei Technology University of DelftMarch - July 2017