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The Mobile Autonomous Robotic Systems Lab (MARS Lab) at ShanghaiTech University is dedicated to research on intelligent and novel algorithms, software and also hardware for various robotic applications. It was found in August 2014 by Prof. Sören Schwertfeger of the School of Information Science and Technology of ShanghaiTech University. The lab is dedicated to excellence in research and teaching in robotics and is part of the STAR Center. Additionally Prof. Schwertfeger and the MARS Lab are part of the Shanghai Institute of Fog Computing Technology (SHIFT). If you are interested in joining or visiting the lab, please refer to the respective advertisement on the openings page.

The lab, student and professor offices are all located in the STAR Center. Please find the directions on how to reach the STAR Center here.

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Best Paper Finalist at IEEE ROBIO 2019

The 2019 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO) was held in Dali, Yunnan, China, from Dec 6 to 8, 2019. The conference, which will be held in Florence, Italy next year, accepted 403 papers from 739 paper submissions for oral presentations. The ShanghaiTech Automation and Robotics Center (STAR Center) groups of Prof. Sören Schwertfeger and Prof. Andre Rosendo submitted and got accepted 5 papers to ROBIO 2019.

The paper with the title “Furniture Free Mapping using 3D Lidars” by master student Zhenpeng He, PhD student Jiawei Hou and Sören Schwertfeger was awarded as a Best Paper Finalist for ROBIO 2019. In that paper a Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) method is described that can automatically segment 3D Laser Scans into walls, furniture, doors (open and closed!) and ground and ceiling to create furniture free 2D and 3D maps. The paper was presented by the master student Zhenpeng He. https://arxiv.org/pdf/1911.00663

9. December 2019

Students present at IROS 2019 in Macao

Two MARS Lab students presented papers at the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems conference (IROS) 2019 in Macao

Haofei Kuang presented the paper: Kuang, H., Q. Xu, X. Long, and S. Schwertfeger,  "Pose Estimation for Omni-directional Cameras using Sinusoid Fitting",  IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS): IEEE Press, 2019. arXiv

Qingwen Xu presented paper: Chavez, A. Gomez, Q. Xu, C. Atanas Mueller, S. Schwertfeger, and A. Birk,  "Adaptive Navigation Scheme for Optimal Deep-Sea Localization Using Multimodal Perception Cues",  IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS): IEEE Press, 2019. arXiv 


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9. November 2019

Graduation Ceremony 2019

At the ceremony at ShanghaiTech today we celebrated the graduation the bachelor and the master students!

From left to right: Bachelor: Bai Song, Ruijian Li, Xiting Zhao, Jiadi Cui (Bachelor with Prof. Laurent Kneip, future graduate student in the MARS Lab),
Shan Zeyong (Master), Prof. Sören Schwertfeger, Bachelor: Jianxiong Cai, Rong Yuyang (worked in MARS Lab, Bachelor with Prof. Liangfeng Zhang)

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29. June 2019

Third Annual MARS Party

To celebrate the graduation of our five bachelor students and for Shan graduating with a master the students organized a party! We rented a house, cooked and ate together and played many games (pool, PlayStation, KTV, Werewolf) - till 4 am. We had also invited the alumni of the MARS group.

Party 2019 


24. June 2019

Undergraduates win first prize in Challenge Cup Shanghai

Undergraduate student team from MARS Lab won one first prize in “Challenge Cup” National Undergraduate Curricular Academic Science and Technology Works (Shanghai division) and they will participant the national competition on behalf of Shanghai later this year. The members include Zehao Zhao, Xiting Zhao, Yiming Yin, Zhihao Zhang, Zhijie Yang and Hankai Liu and they are supervised by Prof. Sören Schwertfeger. Their topic is about SLAM rescue robots suitable for all terrain. The robot is designed to collect data in post-disaster environments inappropriate for rescue crews either automaticly or by remote control. Motion detection, thermal imaging and carbon dioxide sensors are also attached to it to get more information. The idea of this project is comes from their Robocup Rescue Robot participation, which is also supervised by Prof. Schwertfeger. The Shanghaitech Student Innovation Center also gives a lot of support on this project.

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25. May 2019