ShanghaiTech Automation and Robotics Lab - STAR Lab is dedicated to research on intelligent and novel algorithms, software and also hardware for various robotic applications. It was found in August 2014 by Prof. Sören Schwertfeger of the School of Information Science and Technology of ShanghaiTech University. The lab is dedicated to excellence in research and teaching in robotics and is part of the STAR Center. Additionally Prof. Schwertfeger and the STAR Lab are part of the Shanghai Institute of Fog Computing Technology (SHIFT). If you are interested in joining or visiting the lab, please refer to the respective advertisement on the openings page.



Call: IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems: Special Issue on Introspective Methods for Reliable Autonomy

The IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems is calling for papers for a Special Issue on Introspective Methods for Reliable Autonomy in its September 2017 issue. After the successfull IROS 2017 workshop on Introspective Methods for Reliable Autonomy, we are now calling for journal contributions to these interesting topics. Prof. Schwertfeger is part of the Guest Editor team. Please see the call for papers

24. September 2017

ABB and STAR Lab join in Collaboration Project

ABB and the STAR Lab are joining in a collaboration project to make the awesome ABB Yumi collaborative dual arm mobile. The ABB Robotics Research Center China is located just 7 km from ShanghaiTech University. The STAR Lab under the guidance of Prof. Sören Schwertfeger is providing expertise on mobile robots, localization and mapping as well as planning and control, while ABB is working on the mobile manipulation aspects. See a picture of an early prototype below.

1. December 2017

SSRR 2017 Call for Participation

The 15th IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics 2017 (SSRR 2017) will be held at ShanghaiTech University between October 11 and 13 2017. Please see the conference website http://www.ssrr-conference.org/2017 for the program and registration information.

25. September 2017

Freshmen Robot Projects

In the "Introduction to Information Science and Technology" course the students of SIST are participating in three robotics labs, with the goal of making a Turtlebot follow a certain path. The following video shows some action from 2015, 2016 (link only works at ShanghaiTech) and 2017 (link only works at ShanghaiTech).

1. September 2017