STAR Rescue @ RoboCup China 2017

Friday, April 7, 2017

Between March 31st and April 4th 2017 the STAR Rescue Team participated at RoboCup Resce China 2017 in Rizhao, Shandong. We went there with our very early prototype of a very small and cheap rescuerobot that is controlled via a smartphone. We achieved all our goals: Learn about RoboCup Rescue, test our robot, score more than 0 points and have fun. We worked very hard and made very nice progress. See some impressions below:

(Images and Video: click here)

Logos of participating Universities

The RoboCup Rescue Arena

The STAR Rescue Robot

Goal for the future (this is "fake"): Small rescue robot that can do stair climbing...

Fail ;)

League picture of RoboCup Rescue China 2017

STAR Rescue Team

Selfie at the Rizhao beach

The workplace with ShanghaiTech advertisement

STAR Rescue badge :)

Video of the STAR Rescue Robot in action.