STAR Standard Test Methods Lab opened

Sunday, July 30, 2017

In July, with the help of a carpenter and the students and staff of the STAR Lab, the new STAR Standard Test Methods Lab was opened. It features standard test methods for response robots developed by NIST (US National Institute of Standards and Technology). The test methods deployed in the STAR Lab are at the 60cm level, so they are designed for robot with a small footprint. More details can be found here

The test methods are used to test the performance of mobile robots in a repeatable, reproducable and standard way. We will utilize these test for research on test methods and to measure and test the performance of the robots developed at ShanghaiTech University. Very similar tests are also used at RoboCup Rescue competitions, so our team can do experiments in the actual competition environment.

In October 2017 the 15th IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics 2017 (SSRR 2017) will be held at ShanghaiTech University, organized by Prof. Sören Schwertfeger. During this conference a small competition will be held using the test methods of the STAR Standard Test Methods Lab.

(Images: click here)

Overview of the different test elements in the STAR Standard Test Methods Lab.

Test elements (with a Jackal robot on the left).