Johnson Luo 罗剑文

Johnson Luo is a freshman of Shanghaitech University major in EE. He's one of the core members of the GeekPie_ Club. He has math background in Lie group theory, algebraic topology and fiber bundles. He also has a strong interest in embed software and hardware. He has a great desire to use PLDs to improve the performance of the controllers on a robot.


  • 2017.9 – Now: School of information science and technology, Shanghaitech University


  • Yet Another Derivation Solver, YADS

    This project provides a light-weight derivation solver for elementary functions which are frequently involved in optimization process running on embed systems. It's aiming at better performance, easier usage and lower power consumption.

  • Zynq-based multi-motor controller

    This project is going to offer a modularized motor controller based on Zynq. That is, on PL it use DRP to insert as many control unit as needed and easily add or remove features from any single control unit at runtime. Specific support for certain application scenarios is going to be added on the PS.

  • Infinite-Dimensional Generalizations of Orthogonal Groups over Hilbert Spaces : Constructions and Properties

    This project generalizes the orthogonal groups O(n) to O(κ) (where κ is a cardinal number) via Hilbert spaces in two way. It has already got some of their own properties and relationships with the stable orthogonal group in the field of group theory, Hilbert manifolds, algebraic topology, infinite-dimensional fiber bundles, etc.