Zeyong Shan 单泽泳

Shan Zeyong received his bachelor degree of Electronic Science and Technology in China University of Mining and Technology in 2012. He joined the ShanghaiTech Robotics group as a master student. He likes to explore how things work inside. In addition, his research interests are Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, include both hardware and software.


  • 2016.9 - Now: School of Micro-Systems Chinese Academy of Sciences @ ShanghaiTech University; Mobile Robotics Master of expected (2019.6)
  • 2012.9 - 2016.6: China University of Mining and Technology; Electronic Science and Technology


  • Schunk arm

    This project aims to use Schunk arm to grasp objects, first we will mount a Kinect camera on the end effecter of the arm, use the camera data information to grasp objects. Later we will mount the arm on a Husky UGV, do things such as press elevator buttons to help Husky finish complex tasks.

  • Omni robot

    This robot is used to do emulation of quadrotors. We replace propellers of quadrotors with Swedish 90-degree wheels, and later we will add another two degrees of freedom pitch and roll.