Thank you for your interest in the Mobile Autonomous Robotic Systems group! Please read the following carefully:

What does the Mobile Autonomous Robotic Systems Lab at ShanghaiTech University offer you?

  • An excellent research environment with the latest technology and fun group members.
  • Supervision in English by German Professor Sören Schwertfeger, collaboration with excellent Professors from the ShanghaiTech School of Information Science and Technology.
  • Work on cutting-edge research, publish scientific papers at international conference and journals. 
  • As a student, travel to international and national conferences and competitions, for example: Seattle 2017, Singapore 2019, Germany 2019, Sydney (July 2019), Irkutsk (August 2019), Taipei (December 2019), Germany (September 2019), Brazil (Dec 2019), ...
  • Opportunity for international research visits over several month: for example: Qingwen: Jacobs University, Germany 2018; Jiawei, Oerebro University, Sweden 2018; Yijun University of Würzburg, Germany October 2019
  • Excellent opportunities after graduation: 2 of my master students continue their studies as PhD students in German Universities. My PhD student is doing a PostDoc at Tongji. Other master students work in big robotics and AI companies. See the alumni page.
  • The School of Information Science and Technology (SIST) hosts several seminar talks per week, from renowned international scientists, reporting on cutting-edge research.
  • Our Professors offer excellent courses!

Please feel free to write me an email if you have a question about my lab, the STAR Center, SIST or ShanghaiTech - I am happy to answer you.