Guangyuan Weng 翁光源

Guangyuan (Gideon) Weng is now a junior at ShanghaiTech University majoring in computer science. Since early 2018, he serves as an undergraduate research assistant in The Mobile Autonomous Robotic Systems Lab (MARS Lab) lead by Prof. Sören Schwertfeger. His current research interests includes SLAM, motion recognition and reinforcement learning. 



  • Graph-based Method for Solving Least-squares Problems (on-going)

    This project focuses on least-squares error minimization by using graph-based optimization method, which has great application prospects on camera calibration.

  • Mapping Robot

    In this project, the group designed a fully hardware synchronized mapping robot with support for a hardware synchronized external tracking system, for super-precise timing and localization. They also employed a professional, static 3D scanner for ground truth map collection. Three datasets were generated to evaluate the performance of mapping algorithms within a room and between rooms.

  • Frame Rate Analyzer

    In this project , he designed a tool to monitor the frame drop of every camera. This tool can also visualize the real time frame rate in a plot and show the every frame’s gap between real time and expected time.