Computer Architecture

Spring 2021

School of Information Science and Technology SIST
SchanghaiTech University

Lecture Tuesday, 10:15-11:55. 教学中心 (Teaching Center) 101
Lecture Thursday, 10:15-11:55. 教学中心 (Teaching Center) 101
Discussions Monday, 20:30-21:30. 教学中心 (Teaching Center) 201
Discussions Wednesday, 21:00-22:00. 教学中心 (Teaching Center) 201
Lab 1 Monday, 15:55-17:35. SIST 1A-104; TA: Peifan Li
Lab 2 Tuesday, 19:35-21:30. SIST 1A-104; TA: Zhang Chibin
Lab 3 Tuesday, 19:35-21:30. SIST 1A-106; TA: Ziyi Yu
Lab 4 Tuesday, 19:35-21:30. SIST 1A-108; TA: Ye Zhe
Lab 5 Tuesday, 19:35-21:30. SIST 1B-108; TA: Qiyuan Dai
Lab 6 Tuesday, 15:55-17:35. SIST 1A-104; TA: Teng Xu
Lab 7 Tuesday, 15:55-17:35. SIST 1A-106; TA: Zihao Diao
Lab 8 Tuesday, 15:55-17:35. SIST 1A-108; TA: Guancheng Li
Lab 9 Monday, 15:55-17:35. SIST 1B-106; TA: Wang Chenyu
Forum Post all your questions on the forum.
Autolab Submit your homework and projects to autolab.
Gradescope Some homework and exames will be available on gradescope.
Week Date Topic Reading Discussion Homework Lab Project
1 02-23 Introduction (PDF) P&H: 2.4 HW 1 on Autolab!
Due: March 02
No Lab
02-25 Intro to C I (PDF) K&R: 1-6
2 03-02 Intro to C II (PDF updated Mar 04) K&R Ch. 7-8, App A & B Discussion 2 HW 2
Due: March 19
Lab 1
03-04 RISC-V Intro (PDF) P&H: 2.1 - .23
3 03-09 RISC-V Decisions P&H: 2.6, 2.7, 2.9, 2.10 Lab 2 Project 1.1
03-11 RISC-V Instruction Formats P&H: 2.5, 2.10
4 03-16 P&H:
03-18 P&H:
5 03-23 P&H:
03-25 P&H:
6 03-30 P&H:
04-01 P&H:
7 04-06 P&H:
04-08 P&H:
8 04-13 P&H:
04-15 P&H:
9 04-20 P&H:
04-22 P&H:
10 04-27 P&H:
04-29 P&H:
11 05-04 P&H:
05-06 P&H:
12 05-11 P&H:
05-13 P&H:
13 05-18 P&H:
05-20 P&H:
14 05-25 P&H:
05-27 P&H:
15 06-01 P&H:
06-03 P&H:
16 06-08 P&H:
06-10 P&H:
17 Final
Sören Schwertfeger
Sören Schwertfeger 师泽仁
OH: You are always welcome! Wed. 10:00-15:00; Room: 1D 201.A
Chundong Wang
Chundong Wang
OH: tbd.

Please check the TA office hours on piazza.
Kaiyuan Xu
Kaiyuan Xu
Head TA
Tiansu Chen
Tiansu Chen
QiYuan Dai
QiYuan Dai
Zihao Diao
Zihao Diao
Guancheng Li
Guancheng Li
Peifan Li
Peifan Li
Shaoting Peng
Shaoting Peng
Chenyu Wang
Chenyu Wang
Jinrui Wang
Jinrui Wang
Teng Xu
Teng Xu
Zhe Ye
Zhe Ye
Ziyi Yu
Ziyi Yu
Chibin Zhang
Chibin Zhang
Yuting Zheng
Yuting Zheng


Check the syllabus for the CA course on egate.


Patterson, David A. and Hennessy, John L. Computer Organization and Design RISC-V edition. Morgan Kaufmann.


Kernighan, Brian W. and Ritchie, Dennis M. The C Programming Language (2rd ed.). Prentice Hall.


Read the chapters before class. I will not read the textbook to you during class. Rather, I will help you better understand certain materials in the textbook.
Class participation
Participate actively in the discussions both in class and on the forum.
Read your email and the forum at least once in any 12 hour period (including weekends and holidays), as I may post important announcements.


The Engineering Design course consists of projects done in parallel to the Computer Architecture course. The projects thus contribute 33% to your overall score. Neither CA nor the project can be taken without the other.



We always welcome any feedback on what we could do better. You are also welcome to send us feedback anonymously if you like.